About us

Aktis App is a service for independent traveling in Greece that combines several areas of work at once. Our main advantage is that aktis.app combines all the information that can be useful during foreign trips. This is a platform for those who prefer to travel and to plan the route independently. Here you can learn about the features of popular regions, cities and resorts, book a tour or a transfer, rent a car or a place for accommodation, see the rating of the most popular hotels and establishments, read about beaches and attractions, learn the schedules of buses, trains, exhibitions, museums, and much more. Wherever you are, aktis.app will make you feel local!

Learn and discover with Aktis.app


  • Information about popular tourist destinations
  • Useful information about restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Information about beaches and resorts
  • A detailed description of popular sights
  • Online informational support